Essential Amenities to Look in a Luxury Home

A luxurious home is well-thought-out, designed and built. Luxury amenities allow you to live a spoiled or lavished life in your luxurious home. Luxury is synonymous with opulence royalty and extreme extravagance.

At the mention of the word “luxury,” various conveniences come to mind. They range from in-home gyms, swimming pools and game rooms to backyard tennis courts, saunas, and fully-stocked kitchens.

Luxury home buyers look for specific items when searching for luxury homes to purchase. Even when working on a tight budget and a lower scale, here’re a few luxury amenities you’ll need:

The rich and famous people live extravagant lifestyles. They buy or build luxury homes with luxury amenities. Luxury is costly.

Every homeowner also looks out for unique, new and luxurious home amenities that meet their distinct lifestyle needs.


What makes a home luxurious? What are luxury home amenities? And, what differentiates a regular generic home from a luxury home.

10 Essential Amenities You’ll Find in Lavish Homes


  • Smart technology

Technological innovations are redefining the luxury home industry. The modern homeowner wants a tech-savvy home whose builders cater for their tech-trend needs while keeping the real estate market at the top.

Smartphones and smart technology now allow individuals and families to lock doors, control lights, control your home’s climate, or alarm system to make your home smart. Devices for wireless home automation are ideal for home buyers with specific interest in existing trends.

Look for a tech system with features built to protect your home and entire family both offline and online. A solution with a dedicated manager ensures that your unique security needs for identity theft protection are met.

Technology also supports reclamation of materials such as wood flooring, wood beams and doors to protect the environment.

  • Open floor plans with a unique character appeal

    Featuring grand entryways, open floor plans have expansive, airy plans and a large two-story staircase for a luxurious look and feel. Coldwell Banker conducted a luxury home survey in 2013 to define what institutes a lavish home.

  • Wine cellars and warming draws in fully-stocked kitchens

The heart of a home is the kitchen. Luxury homes feature magnificent kitchens fitted with wine cellars and warming draws. According to Forbes, large commercial-grade kitchens in luxury homes that cost millions of dollars are lined with appliances.

Luxury kitchens are fitted with affluent appliances and necessities such as:

  • Wine fridges
  • Warming draws
  • Lots of storage such as walk-in pantries
  • Commercial-grade (or restaurant quality) appliances
  • Prime location

Location is an important factor when purchasing a home. Luxury properties are usually built in prime locations on expansive land lined with trees to offer lots of privacy.

Exclusivity of luxury homes make them a concealed oasis, a place where you can relax after a long day in total privacy. Whether you prefer a home on the beachfront or in a ranch, luxury homes usually come in clandestine locations.

  • Pools and outdoor kitchens
    Luxury homes feature both fully-stocked indoor and outdoor kitchens. A cozy outdoor cooking area or kitchen gives comfort and added convenience when entertaining guests or a large family gathering.


    Some essential amenities you’ll find in outdoor kitchens include:

    • A sink
    • A built-in gas grill
    • A small fridge
    • A stainless food preparation area
    • A lavish stone patio with seats
    • Storage for drinks

    The outdoor spaces of luxury homes also feature hot tubs, large swimming pools and changing cabanas. Privacy and waterfalls are other amenities you’ll find in a lavish home.

  • Gaming rooms

Luxury living isn’t just about going for movies at community theatres, but right from the comfort of your home. In-home theaters or gaming rooms allow your family to indulge in entertainment anytime without going outdoors.

Lavish sports bars with storage for liquor and alcohol, including indoor pools and basketball courts are also included in lavish homes for varied entertainment

  • Spa bathroom

No luxury home is complete without a luxurious bathroom. They’re recreated with opulent spas you’ll find in luxurious hotels. Spa bathrooms feature in the following amenities for total indulgence and relaxation:

  • Floors with radiant heat
  • Walk-in showers with shower jets
  • Towel warmers
  • Huge soaker tubs
  • Exercise or fitness rooms

A fitness facility allows you to workout from home based on your own schedule. The rooms are fitted for both exercise and entertainment to keep you motivated whenever you’re using your fitness room. Some amenities to look out for include:

  • Weights and exercise equipment
  • Televisions
  • Built-in wireless speakers
  • Indoor pools and sauna for relaxation after exercise


  • King or Queen Size Beds in Bedrooms

Luxury homes have the most beautiful, comfortable and luxurious bedrooms. The rooms are spacious and fitted with large queen or king size beds. Comfortable seats are also furnished in the spacious bedrooms for reading times before sleeping.

Other essential bedroom amenities include:

  • Remote control window shades
  • Built-in automation systems for lighting and security
  • Climate control
  • En suite bedrooms
  • Dressing rooms with lots of storage

Luxury bedrooms have dressing rooms and walk-in closets for storing and/or displaying clothes and shoes. Racks and cedar shelves lined on walls display purses, bags, shows, neckties, etc.

Mirrors and lighting help apply makeup and model your outfits, atop making your bedroom appear larger and spacious.


People differ in style, definition of luxury, lifestyle goals and décor tastes. However, modern technologies, amenities and comforts can help you attain luxury in your home.

Whether you want to remodel your home, build one from scratch or buy a luxury home, you’ll want all the features above fitted in it for total relaxation and comfortable living. Top of Form

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