13Essential Amenities to Look Out For in a Residential Rental Property

Looking for a residential house or apartment to rent?
The options available on the market can easily overwhelm you, more so when picking the amenities you’ll need or want in your rental home.
Every rental property takes pride in the basic must-have amenities you’re bound to find in every community and property.


Which amenities are worthwhile and which ones don’t hold much value, only raising the rent value for no reason? No amenity is actually “free” as property owners do claim; they add to the rental cost you’ll end up paying for the house or apartment.

We’ve researched and analyzed amenities, and have picked those with the actual value and worth to help you choose the right ones to look out for in your rental house.

Although furnished units offer convenience, they come at an extra cost: high rental rates. Opt for furnished apartments only for short-term stays, especially when traveling to new destinations for vacation or business.

A furnished apartment also comes in handy when traveling for a short-term job assignment or internship in a different location from where you actually live. It’ll save you the cost of moving or buying new furniture, including related inconvenience.

It’s common to hear of people who bought or rented properties only to find out that they don’t take a cut on what they were actually looking for. Your dream home can easily become a place with amenities you consider unsatisfactory based on your needs.

Make sure that the property you want has the amenities you want to avoid disappointments. Whereas some amenities are luxurious, others are necessary. Here’re some amenities to look out for in your rental home:

13 Amenities to Consider When Choosing a Residential Property


Lifts or Elevators

High-rise apartments are increasingly becoming common in cities due to scarce space. Lifts become necessary in large apartment complexes with multiple floors. A lift with power backup ensures that you can easily access the upper floors.

Power Backup

If you’re living in a city or town that experiences frequent blackouts or power outages, make sure that your property has power backup. Find out if your area or a new location is prone to power cuts to help you make an informed decision.

Water Supply

Metropolitan cities increasingly experience water scarcity. A good example is the water shortage in Johannesburg, South Africa. Check out if the property has a 24/7 water supply in your potential rental property.
You can also check or test for water quality to ensure that the water available is clean and safe for human consumption.

Parking Spaces

If you own a car or intend to buy one in the future, look for enough parking space. A good property has parking space for at least two cars.


Security is an essential aspect of homes. Look out for automated security devices such as CCTV cameras, carded community entry, a home security system, triple or double unit door locks, and 24.7 security personnel.

If you love everything about a property but it lacks proper security services, continue your search to find a more secure home.
Recreational facilities

The needs of urban dwellers are ever-increasing. Some recreational facilities to consider include swimming pools, kids’ play areas, basketball or tennis courts, and gymnasiums. Make sure the facilities are well-maintained and thus in good working condition.

Water Disposal

Waste disposal can easily affect sanitation. Does your city require properties to segregate waste before disposal? Check the waste disposal system in the apartment or house and ensure that it meets local or state requirements for good sanitation.

Common Spaces

Does the apartment or home offer access to common spaces such as function halls and terraces? Check out the terms that govern access to the common areas before buying a residential property or paying for its rental.


Metropolitan cities increasingly have limited spaces. This means that most properties aren’t spacious. Buildings only a few feet apart can quickly feel pact and frustrating.

Lack of enough light, air, and privacy can easily drive you nuts. Make sure the property has enough ventilation spaces to ensure you don’t suffocate in your home later and regret your choice.

Look out for on-site parking space or garage space to ensure that there’s a safe place for parking your car. Street parking exposes your car to harsh weather and related damage, including theft.

Air Conditioning

You may need ACs or HVACs depending on the location. If the area experiences extreme temperatures, you’ll need air conditioning for high temperatures and heating for winter.

Choose between evaporative and air coolers. Evaporative coolers are the perfect solution for low power consumption in hot and dry areas. On the other hand, air coolers are powerful enough to offer efficient use of energy.

Vastu Compliant Designs

Is the house or apartment Vastu compliant? Feng Shui or Vastu are religious, atop being practical and founded on science. Find out if the building is east-facing to ensure it receives enough ventilation and natural light on a daily basis.

Fitness Centers

Opt for a property with a fitness center or gym if you’re into workouts and healthy living.

Access to the Internet

Look out for internet access by a popular internet service provider. It can come at an extra fee or be included in your rent or service charges.
Find out from the property owner or other tenants about available service providers and the ones they use. Get their feedback on internet services to help you make an informed decision.